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This website was created to assist you if you, a friend or family member has a diagnosis of dementia. It is normal to have questions

with a diagnosis of dementia. This website provides you with some basic information, and may help someone in Alabama who is not sure

where to take their questions.


The goal of this website is to point you in the right direction about a specific topic related to dementia. Many common questions you may

want to ask are provided. There are a lot of resources related to dementia available on the Internet and through the public library. We have included links and provided a telephone numbers for more information. The contact information provided in this website was current, as of January 2015.


History Of ADSS


The Alabama Department of Senior Services (ADSS) is a cabinet level state agency that administers programs for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The department was originally established by the Alabama Legislature in 1957 as the Alabama Commission on Aging. ADSS was established under Title 38 Chapter 3 of the Code of Alabama.


ADSS is charged with carrying out the provisions of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended and works closely with the U.S. Administration on Aging to achieve this goal. More information on the Older Americans Act can be found on the ADSS website and the U.S. Administration on Aging’s website.


The commissioner of ADSS is appointed by the Governor and serves in the Governor’s cabinet. The department has approximately 40 employees who work in the department’s four divisions: Administration and Finance, Elder Rights, Programs and Long-Term Care from offices located in Montgomery, Alabama.


ADSS administers statewide programs on aging that cover all 67 counties through the Regional Planning Commissions and the local Area Agencies on Aging (AAA). Each of the area agencies on aging provide comprehensive services through contracts and grants to a wide variety of local agencies, both public and private. Currently, the area agencies on aging are providing nutrition service through over 360 senior centers. You can learn more about the programs and services offered by ADSS and the local AAAs by visiting the Services section of this website or by calling 1-800-243-5463.


ADSS invites your questions and comments. Use the contact information located on the left hand side of this website or if you would like to, call us or send a letter, e-mail or fax.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Alabama Department of Senior Services is to promote the independence and dignity of those we serve through a comprehensive and coordinated system of quality services.


Vision Statement


Our vision is to help society and state government prepare for the changing aging demographics through effective leadership, advocacy and stewardship.


Older Americans Act


The Alabama Department of Senior Services received its primary funding under Title III of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended. Under the terms of that Legislation, the Alabama Department of Senior Services supports a network of agencies and programs throughout the State of Alabama for the following purposes:


•Secure and maintain independence and dignity of older persons;

•Remove social and individual barriers;

•Assure the provision of a continuum of care for the vulnerable elderly; and

•Develop comprehensive, coordinated systems for older persons.


The Alabama Department of Senior Services is funded under Title III for the following purposes:


•To develop and administer a State Plan on Aging;

•To designate planning and service areas;

•To designate an area agency on aging within each planning and service area;

•To establish and publish a uniform format for area plans on aging;

•To review and approve area plans on aging;

•To award all Title III funds to area agencies on aging with approved area plans, according to an interstate funding formula developed by the Department of Senior Services;

•To manage grants and contracts awarded by the Alabama Department of Senior Services;

•To operate any long-term care ombudsman programs;

•Provide training for the aging network using Title III and other funds; and

•To be an effective and visible advocate for older persons at the State level


The Alabama Department of Senior Services is funded under Title XIX of the Social Security Act to provide in-home services to Medicaid-eligible elderly and disabled persons to prevent or delay institutionalization.





Alabama Department of Senior Service

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